GuanMy name is Guan van Zoggel (1989), better known online under my handle Gu4n. I graduated cum laude from the MA programme New Media and Digital Culture at Utrecht University after having obtained a BA degree in Japanese Studies at Leiden University, minoring in Journalism and New Media.

Professionally, I’m a contract manager on paper and jack-of-all-trades in practice, involving tasks usually credited to brand managers, marketeers, editor-in-chiefs and project managers. To be challenged creatively is what gives me satisfaction.

I’m happily married and living on the outskirts of Leiden. Most of my spare time is devoted to playing games, write about them, and if I really like them, I stick around by translating supplementary materials or translate the entire game itself. I enjoy discovering the world, its history and its cuisines. I don’t watch cable TV nor do I use Facebook.

Current projects

Academic interests

Initially interested in challenging eurocentric arguments through staging a discursive encounter with insights based on Japanese cultures, my research interests had expanded to the fields of philosophy, critical theory and cultural studies by the time I graduated. My MA thesis, entitled The Utopia of Apocalypse, constructs a Derridean discursive monster, theorised through established ideas of monstrosities and contextualised by cyberpunk video game series Shin Megami Tensei, to challenge human exceptionalism within the subject-object distinction. Although it sufficed to graduate, due to time constraints (three months in total) the fourth section of the thesis was unfinished and removed from the submitted final version. This section was envisioned as a comparative philosophical analysis of the discursive monster in light of the Kyoto School philosophy.

About Japanta Rhei

Japanta Rhei is a more fanciful name for ‘my blog slash portfolio’. Panta rhei is an expression that sums up the thoughts of the Greek philosopher Heraclitus and means ‘everything is moving’. Quite obviously I have made a pun out of it by combining it with Japan. It does, however, summarise my interests: living in a digital culture is dynamic and my interests are constantly moving about.


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